bringing tour to life

Backstage to barricade

We’ve spent a lifetime experiencing live entertainment from every seat in the house – front, back, and from the comfort of home. We are music fans, industry veterans, and marketing executives with 15+ years experience in talent coordination, radio festival production and promotion, fan community building, and retention. We’ve witnessed the evolution of the industry firsthand, from record sales to streaming, and live shows to lifestyles for fans. We know the importance of nurturing all sides of the artist-fan relationship to keep seats filled and souls happy.

our guiding values

Do good things. Be a good person. Do good by the people you meet along the way.

our ultimate vision

We aim to make the artist-fan relationship official through tour-related community building through the use of modern technologies and exclusive experiences.

tl;dr we build the future of fandoms

more than one night to remember

The secret is out – fans are investing more resources into experiencing live entertainment than they ever have before. From the casual to the super fan, multi-show attendance is no longer reserved for “groupies only”. The magic + momentum of fan-generated promo of a tour is set to reshape the live industry as we know it. Whether you believe it or not, these fans are already an extension of the road crew – they show up early, leave late, and grant virtual access to fans who weren’t able be there in person.

tour Management

We become an integrated part of an artist’s team to strategize the right venues, routes, and handle end-to-end booking of regional, national, and global tours – dedicated to investing in market intros + data-proven shows.

Marketing strategy

We work closely with the artist’s creative director + management to build a comprehensive tour marketing strategy that is scalable and effective – optimizing for sales, sentiment, and staying power.

Property Expansion

We develop creative, tour-related IP opportunities to bridge the gap between artists + fans well before ticket pre-sale and long after the final show – focusing on sellouts, 95+ drop counts, and single-run recurring revenue.

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